Talking ish with LA's indie rock trio

Since their song "Pumped Up Kicks" is now a ubiquitous local radio staple, LA's indie-rock trio Foster The People have found themselves in the unlikely position of heading to SXSW while sitting at the "popular" bands' table, so we asked singer Mark Foster to give us his take on movie nights with his aunt, Rollerblading flicks starring Jonathan Brandis, and other things popular people like:

On Tony The Tiger: "My question would be: who would win in a fight? Tony or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh? Tony the Tiger is pretty ripped -- was he Tigger's uncle? Are they related to Charlie Sheen? That's probably where Sheen got his tiger blood. [Pauses] I feel like I'm inside the mind of a genius right now".

On Arnold: "I just can't believe that guy is our Governor. I'd been hearing for a few years that Arnold was really interested in politics, so it didn't take me completely by surprise, but when you're sitting at home on Christmas and Conan The Barbarian is on TV, you're like -- this guy is clubbing animals with a giant jawbone of a donkey, and also setting the legislation for the state you live in -- it's pretty insane".

On Gleaming the Cube: "That makes me think of the Rollerblade movie with Jonathan Brandis about a kid from California who moves to Ohio, and he's the new kid in school getting picked on, and he's this crazy Rollerblader, and there's a huge Rollerblade race at the end of the year. Yeah, well he's racing to win his dignity, and get his girl back from the kid who beat him up. [THRILLIST: Sounds like the Karate Kid of Rollerblading movies.] Well, he was also in Sidekicks with Chuck Norris, which is like the Karate Kid of Karate Kid movies".

On Meet The Fockers: "I went to see it with my aunt...I don't talk to my aunt anymore".