Country Boy Guitars

Playing the guitar and smoking have many things in common, all of which center around you looking cool as hell. Combining the two for maximum awesome: Country Boy Guitars.Started as a hobby by an upstate designer whose day job's cranking out vinyl graphics for race cars, boats, snowmobiles, and the like, these custom acoustic/electric geets're constructed from cigar boxes, and're sent out into the world in hopes of "spreading 3 string music", not to be confused with 3rd string music, as those instruments are made from benches. Built for playing "Delta blues, folk, rock", and more, creating a guitar starts with selecting a body from an array of boxes that once housed premium puffers, from Vega Fina, to Punch, to Arturo Fuente, to La Gloria Cubana, an ideal choice for anyone who wants their axe to eventually become a Miami sound machine. Further design elements include a Piezo pickup under the bridge for optional amp-age, geared tuners, a hand-carved black walnut neck, and hand-cut f-holes, though unless you're a prude, what other kind are there?If you're looking for juice, he's also worked up cigar box amps housing high quality Aura Sound speakers and affixed with a volume knob made from a die, something you'll probably do soon yourself if you don't quit all that rocking and smoking.