Mood Music

Whether you're dusting shelves or cavorting with expensive prostitutes, there are very few activities that don't benefit from a soundtrack. Instead of wasting hours eking out a playlist from your meager collection, try Musicovery

Coming at you from France, Musicovery's a free flash website that relies on user input and clever preferencing to string together targeted nonstop goodness from their massive, 18-genre database of blessedly non-French jams. Not your girlfriend's treadmill-ready playlist, your stream appears as a string of colorful blotches strung across an interactive display like a raging blotter acid flashback. To filter this rainbow galaxy of tunes, Musicovery provides a grip of parameters, ensuring your soundtrack matches even your most turbulent schizophrenic episodes

Popularity Checkboxes: Click to include hits, non-hits, and/or softcore sounding "discoveries"

Date: Slide the "start" and "end" marks along a timeline running from the 1950s to the present -- or keep your scale locked on the 90s because nothing good came before or after Jesus Jones

Mood/Danceability: Choose any point on one of two dual-axis matrices: mood (energetic vs. calm, positive vs. dark), and dance (dance +/-, tempo +/-) -- fine-tuning that will ideally lead you to the holy grail: a danceable Smiths song

Genre: Pick anything from pop to rap, metal to latino, electro to techno. Sadly, there is no "latectro" or "metalino" at this time

Even though streams include copyrighted artists from Curtis Mayfield to Ozzy, the service is free -- though you must enroll to listen at CD quality. But with this much ear-gold on tap to enrich your prostitute-dusting, you'll never make it through the join form.