Mass production can be a double edged sword -- sure, the Bauhaus brought utilitarian furniture to the everyman, but good luck finding an assembly-line noose to hang yourself with when they start singing about Bela Lugosi. Gracefully straddling both sides of the fence, 18 Waits, and their new e-shop

Claiming ranging inspirations from "1920s New York speakeasies, wood cabins by the lake, old upright pianos, poetry, literature, and 1970s rock and roll music", Waits peddles an eclectic assortment of carefully designed gear, some machine-produced, others handcrafted to be as unique as snowflakes (who all melt themselves after realizing they'll always be alone). Earthy idiosyncrasy starts with a grip of hand-carved/ -tarnished stainless-steel pendants w/ Native American-ish reliefs (bird of prey, headress'd dude, etc), each packaged in a box that's stained by hand, drizzled with epoxy, and lined with hand-cut leather; even sweeter are an array of polished deer antler tchotchkes (sustainably harvested by a 65 yr old Kentuckian) including key rings, belt chain fobs, and even knives, which feature handmade leather sheaths and weathered blades that're pitted... sooo pitted... WPAHGHGHH! Terminator-style machine domination's evident on the graphic tee front, with a trove of designs including a large "I love your face, who drew it?" scrawled in script, a college-style "Suffragette City", and within a giant heart the phrase "I Love My Hooker", though if that's the case then both of you are suckers

For a seamless mash-up, the collection's rounded out by old school felt "Johnny" hats that're made by Canada's oldest chapeau manufacturer, then lined with silk and a hand stamped leather band -- once Bauhaus starts up "Bela Lugosi", at least you'll have 10 minutes to figure out how to kill yourself with it.



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