If waiters want to act, and actors want to direct, and directors want to produce, where does that leave producers? Since they're notoriously terrible at balancing numerous plates, all that's left is fashion. Going from film to clothes: Aether.

Just launched by two guys who produced Requiem For A Dream and Religulous, Aether's dedicated to outerwear equally adept at braving the great outdoors and the great outdoor mall of Century City. Slickly technical options include the wool-faced, full-zip Pinnacle jacket w/ hood, waterproofed with Swiss fabric bonding; the Space Hoodie, stuffed with stupefyingly bulk-less uber-insulator Primalite; and the lightweight, off-color stitched Highland jacket, a favorite of Christopher Lambert for brisk spring beheadings. Aether also offers short-sleeve button-ups and polos made from warmer-than-usual, super-soft t-shirt-type cotton, chinos, and cargo shorts stripped of those ridiculous billowy pockets -- so...shorts?

Right now, Aether's only available from its e-shop, but it'll be hitting brick & mortars in fall -- proving the old axiom that all e-stores want to be brick & mortars, and all brick & mortars long to be Mervyns.