Badass Wall Decals

What you hang on your walls can express your appreciation for Picasso's groundbreaking reflections on war and its aftermath, or just what you really learned in college. Span that gap, with Badass Wall Decals

Offering an alternative to traditional wall art, NC-based Bad produces surprisingly accomplished but not-too-mature, easy-to-install stick-on cutouts ranging from cars, to abstract designs, to irreverent pop culture references, and that's what she said. All decals come in 40+ colors, with gems from categories like Sports (a moto rider doing a wheelie, Muhammad Ali inside the ropes...a battleship?), Animals (a wolf's face, an ambling chimp) and Women, like two nekkid silhouetted girls facing each other plus another with six chicks in different suggestive poses, none of which suggest you have any class. The Humorous section serves up a giant outline of a hand doing the shocker, and really-not-that-funny Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko, while standouts from the People category include Pulp Fiction's Jules & Vincent with guns drawn, an American flag-waving Borat, and Bruce Lee lunging fist-forward, a great way to keep a shamed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from coming over and taking up all that space on your couch

If you prefer lavatorial art, Bad's got a handful of cleverly suggestive decals designed specifically for your crapper, including a mushroom cloud, a gas mask, and a series of bombs -- they depict the war, but it's on you to light a match to limit the aftermath.