Best of the Best

Like a platter of deep-fried Oreos rolled in bacon and sprinkled with Pop Rocks, this month's Thrillist Best Of will tingle at first, then fill you up with only the finest and most necessary nutrients. Dig in.

Emailed to DC:Final Score The off-season product of a Mountain State U. basketball broadcaster, Score crafts limited-run, intricately detailed images from hundreds of hand-selected smaller photos, a project that's collected random but elegant endorsements from both 'Skins tight-end Chris Cooley ("Wow, great picture, fast shipping") and skin-wearing Chainsaw Massacre star "Leatherface" ("I love it, this pic is sick!"). Check out the handiwork right here

Emailed to NY: MKS Knives From an MIT-educated steel furniture designer who in 2003 decided to go the way of the blade, MKS handcrafts serious kitchen knives finished off with perfectly balanced handles originally manufactured for bikes; the goods were only just dropped in the Big Apple, which they'll mercilessly chop up and bake into a cobbler. Get the deets on the sleek, high-qual cutlery here

Emailed to SF: Anon Summer Shades A small Burton subsidiary that's 'til now stuck to the slopes slinging goggles, Anon's dropped a colorfully rad line of street-ready sunnies that're fitted with polycarbonate solid or gradient lenses, and largely borrow their silhouettes from throwback 60s/70s steez embodied best by that sweet Todd dude your mom dated before she met your dad. Stay shady and read up on these sweet specs here

Emailed To Atlanta: Stuffitts Shoe Savers Developed in Marietta, Stuffits de-stink your kicks 25x faster than air alone, thanks to dried-cedar-chip shoe inserts that employ Dual Wick technology: two layers of specially designed sweat-sucking material that eradicate odor by absorbing moisture, thus creating an environment bacteria find "inhospitable", previously only accomplished by checking them into a single near the laundry room at LaQuinta. De-rankify your kicks here

Emailed to NY: Franklin and Gower Just now in NYC and online, F&G offers mad-casual pants and shorts you can customize with a racing stripe running down the outside of each leg, known in fashion circles as "Pimp My Thighs". Get the deets on personalized leg-sheathing here