Best of the Best

Like a squirrel loading up on delicious acorns, this month's Thrillist Best Of promises to keep you plump with awesome for the long season ahead.

Emailed to Chicago:Little Horn Speakers The work of a Chi Art Institute-trained sculptor who has spent years crafting musical instruments and custom audio equipment for area musicians (Andrew Bird's a repeat customer), Little Horn now offers the home audio enthusiast his work, the culmination of years of disciplined research and craftsmanship, like the rigorous undertaking that produced GoGurt. Read up on the sweet speaker stylings right here

Emailed to Dallas: Patriot Leather Out of Cowtown, Patriot's the hobby-turned-budding-business of a graphic-designing father of twins who, after wearing his first creation to the office and getting loads of accolades and requests, decided "belts are the new ties" -- freeing up ties to pursue their dream of becoming the new headbands. Check out these sweet pant-clasps right over here

Emailed to New York: Vaya Bags Made from scrap and surplus canvas recycled by local sailboat factories, Vaya's the product of an earth-loving, Huntington- based scientist who, grown dispirited from too-expensive/ poorlymade messenger bags, decided to employ her own extensive sewing experience, then co-opted family and friends to help start a made-to-order business (the things people will do for toaster strudels). Get the lowdown on these kickin' bags here

Emailed to Philadelphia: SeatGeek Just launched by a duo who set up shop through University City's DreamIt Ventures, totally free Farecast-esque SeatGeek scours the web for pricing info on thousands of secondary-market concert and sports ticket sales (sites like StubHub, RazorGator, TicketsNow, etc.), in order to forecast pricing trends for events by algorithmically crunching the data with outside factors that realistically affect demand, including post-season implications, weather, and competing concerts/events, causing the site to implode when the Hotel California 35th Anniversary tour hits Philly the same day the Birds are playing. Learn how not to get gouged by tix here

Emailed to San Francisco: The Book of Beer Pong Chronicle Books' 160 page, self-proclaimed "Official Guide to the Sport of Champions" breaks down everything from basic Pong etiquette, to brutal smack talkin' tactics, to how-tos for making your tourney the most epic, to "cutting-edge ball grips", though, as in real life, it's all about the cup. Follow the rules and read up right here