Best of the Best

Like a pillowcase of king-size Halloween candy, this month's Best Of is jammed full of delicious goodness from 'round the Thrillist neighborhood

Emailed to Dallas: Indivijual Custom Eyewear Indivijual crafts bespoke acetate frames using Internet and snail mail-gathered info on everything from skin tone and facial characteristics to personality and lifestyle, a plot hatched by an Abilene businessman and carried out with help from an architect, an engineer, and an art prof at Abilene Christian U -- one of the town's three religious colleges, so obviously, folks there see the light more clearly than most. Get the lowdown on bespoke specs right over here

Emailed to Boston: Chroma Lab From a decorative painter and an art historian out of JP, CL paints and restores "neglected but promising pieces of vintage high quality furniture" in funky colors and glossy finishes, and also hand makes home accessories and brightly painted mid-century-esque clocks -- just in case you need to know what time it is in 1962. More deets on this sweet stock of vintage gear's right over here

Emailed to New York: Measy From the guys behind the presidential-candidate match service Glassbooth, Measy aims to simplify the complex process of electronics shopping by taking their political site's survey technology and applying it to issues that actually affect your life. Read up on how it all works here

Emailed to Los Angeles: Penny Royal PR's an impressively one-man operation dedicated to custom-made, eminently dude-acceptable silver pendants, made by a music-biz guy who self-taught himself jewelry making after he realized the tunes industry was on its way to a downhill death plunge, like Ethan Frome, except with much more expensive outerwear. Peep more of the mewelry right here

Emailed to Washington DC: Diditz Just launched out of DC, Diditz allows you to create independent webpages out of your Facebook photo albums, thereby making them Google-searchable, and allowing multiple contributors. New pages can be made in "under one minute", leaving you inadequate time to realize that making your Facebook pics Google-able is a terrible idea. See what it's all about over here