Best of the Best

Enjoy this smattering of highlights from across the Thrillist network, which will bronze your pasty, hibernating brain like so many rays of summer sun.

Emailed to Atlanta:iri5 Retro Art Local artist iri5 uses unconventional tools like video, 8-track, and cassette film to create stenciled 3D canvases of the likes of Ian Brown of The Stone Roses, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Jimi Hendrix. Commissions cost between $600-$1200, but she'll work with your budget for smaller projects -- so start going through your couch if you want a tribute to your D-Nice cassingle. Never mind mix tapes, here come the artists...from iri5

Emailed to New York: Awkward Boners A glorious schlong-ebration of man's ill-timed birthright, AB's the work of three childhood friends who, despite growing up and moving far away, retained their first-chub sense of wonder: NY accountant Freddie, London businessman Mr. Bone, and Toronto's The Gypsy Catcher, who formerly worked in investments "but, due to economic circumstances, changed careers and moved on to boner web sites". Admit it, you know you want more boner coverage

Emailed to Boston: Rogues Gallery From a former LL Bean designer, pride of Portland, ME Rogues' spring drop's a hearty line of dark-colored knit and woven shirts, jackets, sweaters, and vintage-y print tees that evoke less sissified sailboy, and more hardscrabble mariner. Dude, Portland, ME is now more accomplished than you

Emailed to San Francisco: RAEN Dropping its debut collection right now, SoCal's RAEN constructs luxurious yet affordable shades composed of lightweight acetate and 100% UV-protective CR39 lenses, all inspired by the flamboyant styles of the 70s/80s, but toned down enough for people with a more developed sense of decency than the Aussie kid who threw the big party at his parents' house. Learn more about sweet eye armor here

Emailed to Atlanta: Schmeet Child With Wine Sure, this stupendously intoxicated Atlantan gets the words wrong, but at least he shows up for performances. Link through to the vid here