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It was a great year to get away

Rome2Rio: From two former Senior Engineers at Microsoft, Rome2Rio is a vaction aid/travel search engine that makes it crazy easy to get from "anywhere to anywhere"...more

Work Enjoy Australia: Run by an Aussie and an American, WEA's a just-launched program helping US citizens (between the ages of 18-30) take 12-month work holidays Down Under...more

Excursionist: A new members-only travel-booking site bursting with hundreds of one-of-a-kind experiences curated by global experts intent on sharing their "passions" with you...more

The Most Perfect View: This killer hotel booking agent guarantees you a room looking out upon nothing less than an extraordinary vista at any one of their nearly 100 global luxury partner destinations...more

Minaret Station: A first-of-its-kind upscale camping village in NZ, MS's 50k acres of private property are situated in a LOTR-esque valley accessible only by flying a helicopter over the Southern Alps, and're speckled with some of the ballerist tents ever...more

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