Big Sur Bars

When you bolt straight from the office to the pub, sometimes you completely forget to eat dinner until it's already time to pass out. Before you have your first drink, introduce your stomach to Big Sur bars and never stagger home to gnaw on frozen Tombstones again

Designed in Big Sur, CA as an energy bar for hikers/mountain bikers, this brick's a 650 calorie gangbang of flavor. It's bulked up with an oatmeal crust and topped with honey, pecans, and a bunch of other hippy crap. And unlike other meal replacements, the brownie-esque Big actually tastes like dessert, so you can eat one without looking/feeling like a lettuce juice-drinking health nut or Jenny Craig chubster

The Big Sur comes in three different flavors and at <$3 a pop make a super cheap dinner. Order off their website and they'll give you free shipping on a box to stash in your desk drawer. Then at your next "team building" happy hour, you'll be the guy with the full stomach, willing to go shot for shot with even your company's most accomplished alcoholics.