If something seems too good to be true, it usually is, except in the case of bacon ice cream that spontaneously births $100 bills. That's totally real, you should definitely pick some up. Get crazy deals minus the fear of being duped, at BigDeal.Like eBay's friendlier, bargain-savvy younger bro, Big's a poppin' fresh auction site designed to let you win top-quality electronics from digital SLR cameras to LCD TVs for a fraction of their retail price, and has also set up a system to reward you even if you're outbid, which unfortunately doesn't involve receiving personal pan pizzas for accumulating gold stars for books you didn't even read!!! It works like this: each bid costs one "token", which go for 75 cents apiece and're available in bundles of 30 to 300; if you or anyone else places a bid on an item, the price goes up by 15 cents and Big adds 30 seconds to the auction clock until the last bid's in, and so you can keep an eye on the competition, they've got a live feed of other bidders' activity, with how many times/when they've bid, their time spent in an auction, etc., in case you'd like to pick up moves from other people who've also not been doing their job all day. If someone outguns you, the amount you spent in tokens for bids on that item'll be deducted from an optional, Amazon-sourced Buy It Now price, and to cash everything out, you can knock whatever dollar amount you've got in unused tokens off gift certificates to retail chains like Macy's, Kohl's, and Foot Locker -- because TVs may be great, but they don't stop poop from going in between your toes when you step on it.Some recent ridiculous savings from the rotating, 24-hour-long auctions include an $800 Panasonic 42" plasma TV that went for $175 and a $515 Canon PowerShot that ended under $11; Big also has plans to slowly branch out into more than just electronics as they get bigger, so open up your freezer, ask your ice cream for some Benjamins, and go buy up some tokens.