Bowes Flex

Nagging errands are murder on a small business -- not only do they suck time, they also inspire anger, which isn't work-conducive unless you're a boxer, in which case errands probably aren't part of your daily regimen. Handle your most persistent errand -- mailing stuff -- in-house, with the Pitney Bowes mailstation 2.

The mailstation 2 is a full-service digital mailing system that can instantly cut costs and streamline workload, and is capable of handling letters, flats, parcels, and postcards -- basically everything short of stamping a puppy and declaring "It'll get there". The breakdown: you'll save on postage by eliminating over-stamping, a problem the mailstation 2's built-in scale knocks right out (it can also track up to 10 accounts, helping to eliminate over-mailing by employees); the mailstation 2 also facilitates Express Mail overnight, which runs up to $10 less than competitors' costs; plus by not driving to the Post Office you'll save fuel and the extra money you spend on the beef jerky combo pack you helplessly purchase every time you hit the gas station. Postage refills are handled via computer or phone -- if refilling everything were this easy, you wouldn't leave the house...or have a business.

If you have commitment issues due to previous office-machinery relationships, you can try out the mailstation 2 for free for 60 days (plus the cost of postage, refills & supplies you use). After that, rent for just $19.99/month for one year, a low price that'll inspire happiness, and maybe even love -- great unless you're a boxer, in which Spinks.