Brazen Careerist

Potential employers have myriad ways to uncover info about your history, like querying former bosses, contacting clients you've worked with, and using your Facebook page to discover that you poke way too many Europeans. Changing at least the way you impress employers online, Brazen Careerist.

Launched by a triumvirate of social networking maestros, BC lets you post resumes, share contacts/info, and exchange career and entrepreneurial ideas with like-minded job-seekers and industry groups, all in the hopes of becoming a more reliable vetting resource than sites like Facebook for employers to dig up info about potential "Next-Generation Professionals", and yep, looks like Lavar Burton is gonna be stealing yet another job from you. To get started, set up an openly accessible profile with a resume, photo, interests, goals, and optional links to your LinkedIn and (non-incriminating) personal blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook pages; next, browse around to find other users in your industry who you'd like to connect with, and "Fan" them to receive their latest site activity, helping you get tips on things like emerging industries and new job opportunities, while comparing other people's ambitious career goals against yours of "Having A Seven-some in Toronto". In much the way you joined the glee club to look good for colleges, Brazen offers ample opportunities to appear engaged to potential employers, mainly by joining groups and/or posting feedback/thoughts in their "chatter" forums; groups include general/hyper-specific careers (Architecture, Film...Digital Anthropology), interests (coffee, medium format photography...happiness), and locations, plus you can create your own group, because you never know when that corporate headhunter might also love tournament double-dutch.

Brazen also recommends joining an "Ask A Coach" group, which're set up to connect aspiring professionals with career-related inquiries like resume layout questions and how to handle difficult coworkers, but unfortunately, not why the hell Cristiano won't poke your ass back.