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Published On 05/11/2010 Published On 05/11/2010

The old proverb goes that if you give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, but teach that man to fish and he'll eat for life, but nobody ever mentions all the beer that dude will need to keep him interested in fishing. Here to teach you self-beersufficience, BrewingTV.

From three suds-loving career beer men (and homebrew wizards), BTV's a fresh multimedia hub for anyone interested in going off the beergrid, providing coverage of "the world of homebrewing through the magic of video", which'll seem even more magical after drinking all of that sweet homebrew. Just dropping their first 20-minute expose, the inaugural episode intros the creators as they drop in on the Fulton Brewing Co, a garage-based concern looking to hit the big-time; visit the Upper Mississippi Mash Out homebrew contest; and walk through the creation of an extract/partial boil of American Wheat, which is backed up by shorter instructional vids covering topics from making a yeast starter to kegging using a combination of nitrogen and CO2, aka "Beer Gas", which you'll no longer be able to blame on the Dog(fish). Non-filmy goodness is highlighted by a selection of proprietary recipes, from the clean-finishing Cheap Ass Mofos Amber Ale (boasting caramel & citrus flavors), a Vienna Lager titled Keelerwiener, and a cave-aged, Wisconsin-style Maibock called "Casanova Cavebock" (if the cave is a bocking...).

Because learning stuff sucks, they also offer deleted scenes, including one from a tasting that devolves into an extended meditation on Guns N' Roses, a band who proved that if you give a man unlimited access to booze, his appetites will lead to destruction.



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