British Airways and Visa Really Want You To Save Money

Saving a hundred bucks on airfare can put a serious bounce in your step, allowing you to guiltlessly splurge on everything from the greatest lunch you've ever had the pleasure of eating, to the greatest souvenir t-shirt you've ever had the pleasure of never actually wearing. Secure that glorious Franklin right now by booking British Airways and paying with your Visa® card. Throughout May, BA is partnering with Visa to offer $100* off each round-trip ticket when you pay with your Visa card at -- British Airways' official site, not the online home of a crack commando willing to solve your problem when no one else can help, provided you can find him. The offer's good on any BA flight in World Traveller or World Traveller Plus from May 25-September 2. London-bound travelers also get the opportunity to run amuck in BA's mindblowingly modern new Heathrow home, Terminal 5, armed with six lounges, dozens of dining opportunities, and so many shops, you'll find gifts even for people whose birthdays you don't yet realize you've forgotten. Because this isn't just another puddle-jump, you'll also get world-class service, 200+ On Demand entertainment options, a spacious, lumbar-supported seat, travel guides, and access to, an online community spotlighting the best of New York and London, as selected by locals -- who always seem to know best, unless they're the locals you know, in which case, "Let's go to Bennigan's!".

To save that $100* (again, per ticket, on as many tickets as you care to purchase), you've got to hurry up and pay with your Visa card at by May 31st. It's so easy, you don't even have to put on your "Property of a British Boy" t-shirt to do it.

*Based on round-trip travel. Terms and conditions apply.