The Burberry Timepiece Collection

A fine watch can say many things, from "I approach the passage of time with elegance and grace", to "My accessories garner so much admiration, I can afford to be late for things". Avail yourself of the finest of watches, with the Burberry Timepiece Collection. Burberry's been a symbol of effortless sophistication since 1856, when Thomas Burberry opened an outfitters shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, at 21-years old -- an age when other young Basingstokers were out scandalizing the community with licentious activities like...waltzing. Refined, innovative, hard-wearing and practical, the timepieces are available in styles to suit all tastes, from an antique gold-plated case with a military inspired dial and multi-wrap strap inspired by stone bridle leather, to a stainless steel, tachymeter-equipped number with a striped band evocative of the gentlemanly days when race car drivers had to yield to horses in bridle leather. For the woman in your life, or the woman who could be in your life if only you bought her a nice watch, opt for an engraved trademark check piece available as either a cubed stainless steel bracelet, a charm bracelet, or, if her wrists are too dainty to support even a few more grams of weight, a pendant. To view the collection, simply peruse -- as fine an excuse as you could possibly muster for being late to wherever you're going next.