A better way to ask for more money

Published On 10/12/2010 Published On 10/12/2010

Everyone wants a raise, and no, you can't have any more money. Find a way to get yours, with GetRaised.

Fresh from a team of web-preneurs whose mission's to do "work worth doing", GR's a slick service that rounds up your professional info, tells you if you're underpaid, then arms you with a plan to get the money you deserve, hopefully without attracting any cumbersome "responsibilities". Supply your basic career info (title, tenure, income, location...) and GR'll run it through a "salary engine" that uses gov't stats, current job listings, and anonymous user data to determine how you stack up; if it turns out you're getting shafted, they'll offer a few standard % requests to consider and highlight the one they consider most appropriate, hopefully counteracting the inappropriate move of trying to get your raise through sex. Once you've decided how much you want, browse their catalog of currently avail jobs and identify what you're qualified for, then fill out more specific info like your most important daily tasks, biggest accomplishments, and goals, and GR'll use it to generate a custom professional request letter to hand to your boss, or mail to Nolan Ryan in hopes that this time he sees the merit in sending you an autograph.

While there's a $20 flat fee to use the service, if you don't get a raise within 6 months of submitting your request letter they'll give you a refund, and no, you can't have that refund now.