Shopping for a used car can be a prolonged and stressful undertaking: you have to endlessly cruise classifieds, research trouble spots, and check the trunk for bodies. Taking the pain out of finding your next used whip, Carsala.

From two Berkeley MBAs whose frustration became intolerable when buying used vehicles, Carsala'll research, shop for, and negotiate price on your next pre-ridden ride in exchange for a nominal fee, or 15% of the amount their expert, former car salespeople save you off the Kelley Blue Book value (they aim for 20-25%), which is a much better deal than the one you haggled for last time, when you bartered an ear for a premium sound system. Using their propriety technology, 'Sala lets you quickly search for your desired make/model and basic prefs (color, mileage, tranny, engine) using their location-based "Car-Figurator", then spits back potential savings, and offers to take over from there, by first calling you up to confirm your prefs, at which point you can ask them to do a multiple vehicle search at no additional fee, so you don't have to decide right away between a Geo Metro and the Batmobile. Once you tell them go, they'll do the legwork by checking car backgrounds (via Carfax, etc), and haggling like mad to score you the right price, all in 2-3 days, then send you a detailed report with the best three deals they found and all the specs on the cars so you can pick which one you dig most, test drive it, and take it home after forking over the pre-arranged price -- unlike other dowries, it's not payable in goats.

'Sala'll give a full fee refund if you happen to find a better deal than they did, and will also negotiate on your behalf for cars you find yourself for just $30, but don't blame them when everyone asks why your golf clubs smell like corpse.