Celebrity School Pics

Celebrities can cultivate an image by having the world see them exactly how they want, which is why Alec Baldwin released that voicemail of himself being a good father to his daughter. Thwart their best efforts, at Celebrity School Pics

Like a yearbook of people you actually care about, Pics provides neatly-organized galleries depicting living/dead famous/infamous peeps before they were big, and also David Schwimmer. Browse any of its categories to find gems from Reality Shows (a young & somehow-innocent-looking Tila Tequila, an acne-ridden "The Situation"), Hip-Hop (a bespectacled Lil Jon in a tux, Ice Cube with a Jheri curl), and Comedians, like Dave Letterman rocking a chinstrap Amish beard, and Ray Romano with a hairstyle that says "Nobody But Mom Loves Raymond". Some other jaw-droppers: senior-portrait Jamie Foxx looking like Lionel Richie's ugly twin, Ron Jeremy rocking some major muttonchops, eyebrows, and actual, fabulous hair, former British PM Tony Blair long-haired and mouth agape looking like he should've been in Spinal Tap, Bjork glaring at the camera as if she can start fires with her eyes, and Tommy Lee, donning a leotard and tunic at what appears to be a dance recital, clearly a time before he was into Girls, Girls, Girls.

If you're a particularly deft stalker and have celeb photos you've taken yourself, submit them to Pics and if they use them, they'll pay you a buck, which you can go and spend on food, you thoughtless little pig.