The Champion Gym Bag Giveaway

Winter shouldn't spell an end to staying socially active -- it just means more indoor games, like pickup basketball, dodgeball, broomball, or even office tetherball, provided you don't have to be the pole again. Outfit yourself for winter games, with the Champion Gym Bag Giveaway.

Champion has been offering style, performance, and value to all manner of athletes since 1919, when they provided sports lovers a snugly stylish alternative to Chicago's dismayingly unfashionable Black Sox. As for the sweepstakes: the grand-prize winner will receive a Champion gym bag full of branded athletic apparel (T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirt, jacket, socks), plus a Champion backpack and water bottle. Five lucky second-prize winners get the backpack, water bottle and a T-shirt; for all of those who don't place, Champion will provide a special discount at -- so everybody walks away a winner, like Field Day back in grade school, except now you're hopefully wearing longer shorts. To enter the competition, just click here, and as you and your friends embark upon good-natured seasonal competition, always keep your head up, no matter what -- because it's better to be the pole, than the ball.