Cheater Registry

Getting caught cheating sucks: it can destroy relationships, give you a bad rep, and worst of all, force you to change your Facebook status to "it's complicated". Now it sucks even harder, thanks to Cheater Registry.Developed by a group of friends who've been on both sides of infidelity, CR's a brand spankin', terrifyingly public index where anyone with privileged fling-fo can sound the alarm by posting names, photos, and pieces of damning evidence, relegating the unfaithful to a lifetime of...awesome singledom and zero sexual restrictions. To blow the whistle, submit a target's pic, first & last moniker, where they live/committed their indiscretion, and proof that the cheating's legit: incriminating videos/photos, voicemails, descriptions of birthmarks/tattoos in their special places, and any other relevant personal details, i.e., turnoffs like people posting incriminating videos/photos, voicemails, and descriptions of birthmarks/tattoos. Though it's still fresh, the unfaithful're already getting pwned, like a Casper, WY, dude whose litany of tats are basically mapped out by his mistress, and is "the kind of guy who thinks that because he's in a band, he can play girls for fools", and some chick who MySpaced her way into some extracurricular action and "has some kind of skin thing on her back. On her lower back. By her tramp stamp" -- totally embarrassing, although not nearly as bad as the fact that she's on MySpace.Although CR takes care to note that the site's not intended for vengeful purposes/scorned lovers, it fully supports the idea of mistresses using it to make an honest man out of their partner -- proving that while your relationship may be complicated, now, destroying it is simple.