Denim Debate

New products endure rigorous testing to determine durability: for instance, the USDOT slams crash test dummies into walls, until they leave to form one-hit-wonder folk-rock bands. Check out some dudes figurin' how your new jeans'll hold up: Denim Debate

Providing comprehensive wearability/break-in/durability reports on high-end jeans, DD's a forum of fashion bloggers, tastemakers, and shop owners who've each volunteered to run one of 25 different premium brands' pairs through the ringer for an entire year and regularly document how they're holding up (hopefully smartly, by insisting on unmarked, non-consecutive bills, and no dye packs). Each contributor gets his own page to submit updates throughout the annum, complete with background on both himself (job descrip, personal style, body type, etc) and his test brand, including detailed specs on everything from materials, to cut & style, to the type of buttons used; there's also a photo section for visual evidence of wear & tear, since sometimes it's tough to use words to describe how things've aged -- to wit, try explaining Mickey Rourke's face. Just try it. Although updates're fairly limited as the endeavor's just begun, there's already action like James Fox of blog 10engines, who after 3 weeks noticed his Jean Shops were "just starting to soften, and basically have no discernible creasing or wear to show", and Ryan Huber of Context Clothing, wearing Momotaro Vintage Label, who acknowledges "the indigo rubs off on my hands everyday", though he conveniently fails to acknowledge the reason for all the rubbing

If you're all about getting over-involved, DD's open to feedback and submissions from readers on their experience with particular brands, although you couldn't quite explain why those JNCOs really weeeerrrre coooool. Mmm mmm mmm mmm...