Monster prints and more

A change of scenery can seriously alter an artist's output -- Picasso's move to Barcelona led him to step beyond the boundaries of classicism, while Michael Jackson's move to Neverland exposed him to anyone who visited. For wacky prints influenced by the Big Apple, check out Drew Morrison Illustration.

From an artist who spent his whole life drawing "animals and various weirdos" in an attempt to make people both laugh and think, DM's move to the city influenced him to focus on "isolated characters and large chaotic crowds", so...the art version of Maid in Manhattan? Some prints focus on Fear and Loathing-esque bipedal lizards, who do everything from take nighttime walks through 'shroom-laced forests to stand on stilts and harvest the leaves off barren trees, while one-off highlights include an enormous octopus dragging numerous submarines to the depths, and a a collection of wrinkly, depressed-looking monsters all staring into space called Leftists, a scene that could only be described as "fantasma-Gore-ical". Another recurring character's the "potato/fish" man, a lumpy, stubby-legged chap doing everything from reading next to a shelf full of bound volumes and an enormous spiderweb, to harvesting hydroponic vegetables with a bowl on his head, to walking down a hallway pounding a trail of nails into the wall behind him in a piece titled "Nailhead" -- hey, Parrot's aren't the only Heads who like getting hammered (dude, give it up, you have grandkids).

For those without walls, there's also a collection of print-n-cut Halloween masks avail for download around the holiday, though careful you don't expose yourself as the King of Pop (Rocks).