Own the 1969 Lola from <em>Le Mans</em>

Steve McQueen not only loved cars, but the movies he made tended to have a) really awesome cars, b) cars that wound up wrecked, and c) cars that're worth a ton of money. Hitting the McQueen trifecta, this 1969 Lola T70 MkIII B, up for auction on Saturday the 23rd, is expected to go for nearly a million bucks..

... and was spectacularly crashed in this classic '71 film Le Mans, when the car set a new record for real-life pinball after the throttle stuck while filming a scene dressed as a Porsche

It was rebuilt after the crash, and the car, along with this fuel-injected 5-liter Chevy V8 that's made outta magnesium to save weight, has competed in numerous vintage races over the years, winning at some of Europe's most legendary road courses, like Spa, where winning somehow doesn't involve sitting in a steam room and getting rubbed down by a European masseuse

The interior's all-business, with nothing to play with but toggle switches and a few buttons because in it's first life, it raced for real at tracks like Daytona, the Nurburgring, Le Mans, and Sebring, where like a Chrysler Sebring, it sometimes wound up on the side of the road.