Curbing roommate woes via the Net

Published On 08/20/2010 Published On 08/20/2010

Roommates can really suck, from neglecting rent, to never cleaning up, to starring Eric Stoltz and Randy Quaid. Addressing everything but the starring cast: EasyRoomin.

Helping alleviate common sources of roommate contention, Roomin's a new online communication center that'll organize everything from shared expenses to emergency contacts, which is still Dominos. Invite fellow flatmates to enable shared access and you can:

Manage Bills: designate the nature of an expense (rent, utilities, food, etc.), if it's recurring, how much each person owes, and its due date, and ER'll email alert everyone and ask them to log their payment when it's paid (because it's impossible to lie to a faceless Internet)

Designate Chores: establish tasks via a calender system, with responsible individuals getting alerted via email when their task is at hand, though if they're anything like most roommates their task is already in their hands.

Get Connected: create a contact sheet for plumbers, electricians, etc., and leave reminder notes for the household, like an e-whiteboard without all of the hilarious penis drawings. Wait, what does 8===D mean?

To prevent hysteria/sticky fingers come move-out time, Room's also got a "Stuff" section devoted to specifying who owns what in the pad, which is a moot point if you're Roomates, since nobody's leaving with a career.



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