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Carl's Jr.'s new secret menu not what you'd expect, still awesome

Photo courtesy of Carl's Jr.

You probably know Carl's Jr. for its audacious commercials featuring bodacious models devouring on enormous burgers. But the chain famous for filling you up is now flipping the script to get you fit, via a new twist on the secret menu. Whereas most secret menus consist of making their options heftier and/or crazy, Carl's Jr.'s regular menu is already as hefty/crazy as it gets (onion rings on your burger: already standard, friendo). So believe it or not their list of clandestine menu items will actually be... wait for it... healthier.

The guacamole Thickburger
Photo courtesy of Carl's Jr.<br /> &nbsp;

Yes, that is a freaking burger made entirely with guacamole (and cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and sauce, because one must always have sauce, even when there's already guacamole).

To check out more of "The Other Side of Carl's Jr." -- including offerings with big, thick, juicy slabs of meat in them -- click on that guac buger, or hit

Carl's Jr.
Photo courtesy of Carl's Jr.

If you don't get it, read it backwards! Now, go check out some ludicrously satisfying low-carb feasts.