The Horse Tailor

Published On 09/10/2010 Published On 09/10/2010

Sure, animals can do everything from breath underwater to smell for miles, but there are plenty of things we can do that they can't, like take revenge by dressing them up to look like total a-holes. To whit: the equine masquerade ball that is The Horse Tailor. Boasting loads of borderline cruel/unquestionably hilarious pics of horses, mini-donkeys, and the like forced into ridiculous outfits themed on everything from pop culture to fast food, THT's bestial Halloween's all the more humiliating considering one day the participants will be used to hold somebody else's costume together. Some highlights: Superman: A white steed covered from the neck down in the iconic red/blue/yellow suit, with the Super "S" on its chest and flowing cape...finally a fitting revenge for Christopher Reeve. Scooby Doo: A miniature pony wrapped in brown-spotted silk, fitted with a furry dog muzzle, and granted eye holes so totally misaligned it can't see, an abomination clearly perpetrated by some meddling kids. Graduate: A zebra preposterously decked in a Boise State cap & gown, replete with their fiery mustang mascot logo -- like they needed the refs to help inflate their national ranking? The best part: you can get your own ass involved, with currently-for-sale outfits including a bespectacled Harry Potter robe, a red-bearded leprechaun, Victoria's Secret bra & panties, and a horse-n-rider bride and groom set, so now animals can experience the most human thing of all: marrying a total a-hole.