A lot can be learned by observing things in their natural habitats -- Jane Goodall discovered that chimps in the wild use tools, and the producers of Jersey Shore discovered that tools in the wild act like chimps. Discover the true nature of non-juiced humans in their natural habitat, thanks to 9eyes.An ambitious project taken on by a Canadian artist, 9's a thousands-strong compendium of particularly striking and oft hilarious Google Streetview images that represent "fragments of reality stripped of all cultural intentions", which, judging by its frequency, apparently is art talk for flipping off a van. Some highlights:Faux Celebrities!: From a Power Ranger power-napping on a park bench, to Garth and Wayne trucking it down a sidewalk, ironically the first on-camera work Dana Carvey's been able to schwing in years.Mishaps: Moto accidents being tended by onlookers, a flaming van sitting outside a house, and a mangled Jeep with its driver kneeling nearby, visibly shaken that his Cherokee's not even worth a grand.Weirdness: Everything from an emaciated horse munching on a pile of garbage to a dilapidated, boarded-up building that was once home to the "Rod Stewart Fan Club", which clearly didn't have All The Luck.While the bulk of the collection's online, it's also scheduled to turn into a hard exhibit appearing at museums around the world, places where nobody will bother observing you, as they're far from your natural habitat.