Many people provide for their physical assets should they pass away, whether by means of drafting a will, or drafting their brother to clean their apartment of Cheri's before any relatives show up. Now helping you plan your digital estate, Entrustet.A free service just now in beta, En' protects all of your "digital assets" postmortem by letting you designate "heirs" to inherit individual online accounts and files, allowing you to humiliate your family from beyond the grave by still being on MySpace. Browse through categories like Social and Email to find popular sites you may have an account with (feel free to add sites that aren't listed), supply your usernames/passwords, and securely upload any offline docs you'd like to live on the site; once you're ready, simply submit basic deets (e.g., email address, relation to you) for up to 10 inheritors per account -- hey, now that Second Life is your only life, trusting it to one person would be madness. Since you can't well tell them you're dead yourself, users must also nominate a "Digital Executor" to notify the site of your demise/provide a copy of the death certificate, which En'll double-confirm via local records, but not until after being mad impressed that you once bounced a basketball for 3-hours straight.Soon, En'll be rolling out Premium services like Digital Heirloom (a personal e-time capsule for friends/loved ones) and Account Incinerator, which will auto-delete any accounts you'd like eliminated once you're no longer around, cause a little smut is one thing, but even your brother would be horrified to find out your Grooveshark's littered with Cheri Poppin Daddies.

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