Final Approach Suitcases

Generic suitcases show no personality and all look the same, too often leading you to open them at the hotel and find someone else's string of beads that don't even come close to fitting around your neck. Helping you avoid this with a suitcase that displays your personal awesome, Final Approach.Crafted by a Maryville, TN guy named Jon, Final takes vintage hard-cover suitcases found at local yard sales and thrift shops and slaps them with flashy airbrushed graphics of musical/cultural icons and other imagery, using an intricate decorative technique that takes around two weeks to complete -- similar to you in the Peachtree Road Race, which also has something to do with your "baggage". Plead for your custom case by sending Jon a message describing the design and including a pic if available; he'll get started by taping a large print of your work to the canvas, cutting out details w/ an X-Acto knife, spray-painting the stenciled images using pro-quality Montana Gold paint, then pasting the image onto the case and spraying it with clear coat and shellac to make it stick and shine, which will result in a big hug from Bela Karolyi. There's also a collection of already-finished cases for purchase, including rounded-rectangular models like the black/teal Public Enemy-influenced "Fight The Power" (w/ red/pink Flavor Flav and Chuck D on either side), "James Brown" (afro'd, w/ "Paid The Cost To Be The Boss" on one side, and glowing teal mic & "SAY IT LOUD" on reverse), and "Pure Evel", featuring a B&W image of the daredevil swaggering away from a beaming sun, which Jon calls "a salute to the baddest of all the asses", proving he clearly misses most Taco Tuesdays.Jon also swings political with the "Ralph Nader Has A Message" (that message: "Best Check Yourself"), and "Reaganomics", with the Gipper and "Notorious" printed on one side, and "Worked Like Gang Busters" on jail bars on the other, the exact note you'll be leaving in that mistaken suitcase before giving it back to its owner.