F***ing Book Deal

While the Internet's a lovely place, some things should just stay there, like horrific YouTube pop song covers, and that time you killed a guy on Second Life. Or was that first life? Oh crap, where's the bleach. Affirming that viral blogs should stay on the web, Look At This F***ing Idea For a Blog-to-Book Deal

An ode to the frighteningly lucrative potential of the viral web in photoblog form, Look's a satirical compilation of fictional blog ideas they're sure're worth a coffee table book, a trend that's led to everything from awkward boner'd dudes to suicidal pets getting deals, and has given hope to every two-bit blogger who dreams to share shelf space with African Medallion Shower Curtains at Urban Outfitters. Some notable highlights

In the vein of a recent viral big hit "Look At This F***ing Hipster": Look At This F***ing Hip, coupled with a photo of some doofy-looking dude pointing to some chick's hip. (Note: almost definitely created by hipsters)

A riff on the always entertaining "Gay Bar or Steakhouse": "Famous Architect or Early 20th Century Pedophile Dandy?", illustrated with a black & white portrait of a dude who's almost definitely the latter. Or is he??

"Just Add Selleck", which seems to be a place where everything's given a Photoshopped moustache, i.e., a delicious looking pear -- perhaps a reflection on the fruit-shaped direction of his career

Inspired by the less-than-big hit "When I Had Braces": "When I Had Rickets", featuring old photos of toddlers with misshapen legs, 'cause nothing's funnier than that. Except everything.

If you just can't wait to see their latest posts, you can follow Look on Twitter, and since even Twitter streams are being turned into books, there's little doubt this blog about fake book deals will get a real one.