Sweden's managed to birth many things that've gone on to dominate, from the feverish disco pop of ABBA, to the feverish Dolph Lundgren, who'd pop disco if it ever got near him. Get familiar with another breakout Swede, Fjallraven, now dominating the US.With a name translating to "Arctic Fox", Raven's only now for e-sale here though they've made Nordic-ready gear since the 1950s, earning praise from climbers and hikers for their emphasis on rugged products that can endure the most extreme conditions, making them perfect for that dreaded trot to your Fiero when it's drizzling. The hardcore jacket action starts with the Greenland Winter, boasting a shell cut from the brand's patented G-1000 fabric (a slightly modified version of what their original tents were made of) and lined with lambs-wool-esque polyester, and the Oban, with a sturdy 7-pocketed outer layer also made of G-1000, plus adjustable cuff and waist straps and a zipper-shielding "storm flap", also what happened when Halle Berry's X-Men trailer wasn't stocked with Sour Skittles. For even serious-er warmth options, there's the Cantwell, made from a combo of technical material including high-performance nylon and the waterproof "Hydratic", with a removable fleece-lined hood w/ faux fur detailing, and the "totally windproof" Expedition Parka, a bulky number twice-layered in goose down which collapses neatly into its included nylon bag, a feature area bartenders wish you came with.Because stuffing things in your coat gets old, 'Raven's got a handful of crazy durable backpacks, plus a wax they recommend applying to the G-1000 jackets if you want to prep it for ridiculously harsh, say, listening to ABBA.