As cartoons have long taught, combining forces is far more effective than going it alone -- five Galaxy Alliance pilots protected space by forming Voltron, while the Planeteers conjoined their rings to summon Captain Planet to bad-touch littering school bullies. Witness the awesome combined power of artisanal food producers, at Foodoro.

Operating like an online greenmarket, Foodoro's cobbled together hundreds of tasty noshes from 75+ small-time producers of everything from pantry goods to bloody raw meat, united only by their dedication to quality, sustainable practices, and plucky defiance of Big Food. Snackable all-natural bites include Missouri's elephantine Spudmaster ColossalChips, made from hand-seasoned, skin-on taters; sampler packs of Dee's Mini Doughnuts, which derive their unique taste from local Marin County organic products from eggs to apples; and jerkies ranging from a rosemary/thyme/horseradish Prime Rib from Redwood City's Green Light Jerky Co., to albacore tuna that's jig-caught off a Seattle boat, a low-mercury number that'll still drive you mad...with flavor! There's also a cheese section where you can nab a six-pound block of silky Teleme from third-generation California fromager Franklin Peluso, and a meat market proffering Oakland-based Pot Pie Paradise flavors like Creole Gumbo and German Beef & Mushroom, Nebraskan buffalo meat from bucolic Tiensvold Farm, and live California red abalone, which has a first name, and it's "A".

Less manly fare abounds as well, like handcrafted jams and jellies from Napa's Hurley Farms; there's also Zodiac Teas from Salem, MA, each crafted for an astrological affiliation -- perfect for sipping as you discuss the sea otter population with a certain spandex-clad celestial body wearing a green mullet.