Nothing buffs your already sparkling appearance like custom duds; then again, blow your rent money on a suit, and you'll be sleeping on the street, buffing your sparkling appearance with cat urine. Get a crucial piece of bespoke you can easily float, from Fosterweld.For about $40, FW offers up 12 styles of custom metal belt buckles, each made unique through 100% hand-crafting and hand-distressed acrylic paint jobs -- like getting a sweet custom paint job on your IROC, then keying it. First, choose a buckle from heavy highlights like "Galactic", sporting intersecting lines gouged with hand grinders; "Hammer", gloriously battered with hand-pounded indentations; and the super-textured "Slag", whose melted face comes courtesy of a steel wire charged with 250 amps of juice. You can then up the uniqueness by selecting a base color (from black to dark blue to orange) and, for a bit extra, an engraving (your nether region's second named unit).To keep your pants up, FW also hawks textured, hand cut leather belt straps in four colorways, black, white, rust, and the black-over-chocolate-brown "distressed" -- can you blame it, when it's living in constant fear of getting buffed by you-rine?