Gain Fitness

Finding a workout that fits your lifestyle can be difficult -- after all, even if you manage to incorporate it into your busy schedule, you'll inevitably miss parts of your sitcoms while toweling off your...wait, did Sheen just get laid again?? Damn it! Get a routine tailored exactly to your needs, at Gain Fitness.

Co-founded by a YouTube/Google financial analyst and a physical trainer, GF's a free workout rec site that generates customized training circuits in minutes, based on your body type, goals, and "whatever time and equipment you have available", which may not be much considering how much time you set aside to work out your own equipment. Pick your desired workout duration, venue (home vs gym), avail equipment, fitness goal (fat loss, muscle...), focus areas, and experience level, and GF'll spit back a detailed swea-tinerary broken down into warm up, strength training, and cool down sections, the latter an important inclusion considering how uncool you just looked doing inner thigh squeezes. Recommended exercises come with ideal rep/set numbers, while deeper guidance for their catalog of 400+ moves is avail through YouTube vids, demonstration pics, and diagrams highlighting the exact muscles you're hitting, so you don't get trap'd doing the same group over and over. Which could leave you bi-curious. And wanting to tri something new.

There're also complementary BMI/body fat calculators, and plans're in place to add more extensive analysis tools and ways to connect with other gym goers, though it can be kind of creepy talking to a bunch of dudes online when you don't know how (Angus T.) young they are.