During childhood, there's a market for all manner of thrilling dares, from eating worms, to kissing girls...after eating worms -- but unfortunately that market died with recess. Or did it: GreedyPeople

From a media buying pro who's now buying dignity, GP describes itself as "Elance, Facebook, Craigslist, The Moment of Truth and Comedy Central combined into a consumer-based web environment", overcomplicating the simple premise of "limitless ways to shame yourself for cash". Create an account, then propose demeaning tasks to other Greedsters, or accept one that's already been posted; agree on a price and funds're dropped into PayPal escrow, to be released upon proof of performance, be it photo, video, audio, or door kicked in by ultimate beneficiary of contract. Current proposals run from gastronomy ("Send me 20 In & Out burgers", $100), to business ("Fly to New York, Cuss My Old Boss Out", $500 + expenses), to double-your-pleasure: "Videotape me being intimate with new boyfriend, then FedEx film to my ex..." -- a move sure to inspire minimal jealousy, given that it "Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes"

You can also post offers that you'd like to receive, but each post'll run you 1 Greedy Credit ($1). If you don't have the money, you'd better start digging.