Marine Mine Furniture

Published On 10/15/2010 Published On 10/15/2010

When people talk about "the bomb", they generally aren't talking about an actual bomb...unless they're talking about Saving Silverman. Turning actual explosives into bomb-ass furniture, the dude behind Marine Mine. From an acclaimed Estonian sculptor, MM's a line of pad sweeteners fashioned using salvaged water mines from WWI, WWII, and the Cold War, the latter of which are guaranteed to look parastroiking in your pad. Armchairs start with the Cow Lounge, an ovoid mine cut lengthwise, resting at an angle on wheels pulled from a Soviet armored vehicle, and upholstered inside with b&w hide; a papasan-esque number with a face-down spiked half for a base and ball-bearing'd circular top half fitted with woven nylon straps; and, sitting vertically and filled with plush maroon leather cushions, The Boss, which ironically was born to make other people run from it. He converts the goods into a boggling array of other homegoods as well: glass-topped coffee tables, a queen-sized bed (with length-wise cut mines serving as head and footboards), chandeliers with LED spikes, glass-windowed aquariums, hinged-door bar cabinets and charcoal grills, plus a fully-functional toilet where your explosiveness will be right at home. He's also got fireplaces of all shapes & sizes, from round jobs with circular glass illuminators, to ellipsoid pieces with metal mesh doors -- just don't buy them all, 'cause as Jason Biggs can tell you, it only takes one bomb for things to go up in smoke.