Matching your car with your lifestyle is crucial, because you know Kid from Kid 'n Play is just dying to put the top up. Get help finding the wheels that match everything about you, with Honk.Calling itself a "social platform" for car shoppers, Honk's a benevolent guide for the auto-inept from a team of tech/car experts and market analysts that'll recommend the makes/models most popular amongst people just like you, though your mom will still tell you you're completely unique, and should therefore drive a Brat. To get the recs rolling, choose a facet of your life to match a 'mobile to, like Hobbies (snowboarding, foodie...partying), Personality (Team Player, Born Leader, "Have No Fear"), Life Stage (marital status, etc), or Age & Gender, whose options're oddly male, female, or "both"; once Honk's market-research-driven matching engine spits back results, you can refine them using a price range slidebar, select a fuel economy minimum and preferred makes, or restrict options by body type, but just be prepared for the cars to restrict back based on yours. Click on any vehicle, and you'll get a report card based on thousands of owners' opinions (supplied by a leading auto research firm), reviews from other Honk users who've driven/owned that car, a nifty profile of the types of personalities/hobbies other people who drive it have, and full crash test ratings/mechanical specs; you can also use their pricing widget to get an estimate based on the options you want, then see where in your area you can get it for the best price (runaway favorite: the docks).You can keep track of prospective cars by saving them to your "dashboard", or if you'd rather find a pre-owned ride, you can check out their handy used car search tool, but before committing to anything, make sure you've got plenty of time to Play around.