How To Get Rid Of Things

From the food stains on your couch, to the spyware on your computer, to the food stains all over your spyware, your life is a mess. Here to help with all of it: How To Get Rid Of Things

Started by a pair of "poor college students", G'Rid's a site that'll help you eliminate pretty much every unnecessary nuisance, in realms ranging from personal hygiene to personal finance, and computers to pet odors, all assuming you can take advice from a demographic known for living in abject squalor. Each specific predicament begins with an overview, followed by a handful of steps to lead you to freedom: stave off athlete's foot with talcum powder and clean bed sheets; use hydrogen peroxide or an enzymatic detergent to get rid of blood stains; and put down a scratchy surface to keep slugs out of your garden (sadly, nothing can best the slug's greatest natural defense -- "serious ugly"). Meanwhile, GR's advice for staying beautiful goes beyond fancy doctor terms like "exercise" and "diet": to lose your double chin, try chewing gum, keeping good posture, and doing platysma excercises -- opening your mouth wide, pulling your lower lip over your teeth, and making a scooping motion, guaranteed to make you look like a chisel-chinned moron

GR also presents a sidebar that highlights organic products/natural solutions to whatever ails you; once you start using potassium alum mineral as deodorant, your life's only blemish will be if someone sees you rubbing your pits with a rock.