I Do... Now I Don't

Breaking off an engagement with your soul mate can cost you a lot of money. The next time you decide to ruin your fiancée's life, do it with fiscal confidence thanks to IDoNowIDont.com

ID...NID is the bastard child of founder Joshua Opperman's broken engagement and the heart-shattering news that he could recoup only a third of his fiancée's ring cost. The resultant site acts as a seller-buyer matchmaker, pairing jilted bridegrooms with bargain-hunting men who're stupider/happier in their relationships. Once a ring auction's settled, the band is sent directly to IDNID for a quickie authentication, then forwarded by insured expedited delivery to the winner/sap/future divorcee.

Rings sold on IDNID generally go for about 60% of their value, which is a far less sob-inducing deal than you'd get from a vulturish pawn-shopper. It's free to post, and merciful IDNID charges just 5% of the final cost for its services -- a small price to pay for a fuller return of your financial investment, even if you're emotionally bankrupt.