Provocative tees from a posse of screenprinters

Published On 08/23/2010 Published On 08/23/2010

A company donating its time to charity is commendable, but only so long as it doesn't keep them from overlooking the neediest cause of all: David Schwimmer you. Finally swaddling torsos that can afford to pay for it: Idiot Genius.

From a Colorado-based group of "artists, curators, savants and drunks" who've been screenprinting tees on-the-cheap for charities, enviro groups, etc., for over a decade, IG's debuting a line of witty graphic tees inspired by a collective interest in "humor, good music, and counter-culture" (man, how'd these guys find each other!?). Color-poppin' crewnecks riff heavily on pop-culture, from straight-forward head shots of icons like a young Stevie Wonder and a decidedly old Chaz Bukowski (captioned w/ "Ladies Man"), to screen homages like Kenny Powers flipping the bird, and the words "Kali-Ma" next to a heart-grabbing hand, because bleeding hearts are totally Indy. Things then get wild(life) with a nattily-dressed "killer shark" armed with an old-school revolver; "Animal Rugby", with a zoo's worth of creatures getting their scrum on; and an owl-headed octopus, a hybrid they claim makes the shirt super trendy because owls "wear cardigans and listen to Wilco", but only because they ate all the modest mice.

If religious humor's your thing, they've got a heavily (four-)armed blaxploitation chick named Afro Shiva, and the Golds Gym logo recast as "Jehovah's Fitness", which for David Schwimmer involves a lot of Friends pressing.



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