Jack Robie

Published On 06/07/2010 Published On 06/07/2010

Sure, working on Wall Street can be lucrative, but it typically means brutal hours, relentless bosses, and Shia Labeouf. What, James Marsden wasn't available? Realizing they'd rather just clothe the people on Wall St, the guys behind Jack Robie

From a pair of Brown grads who schlepped it in the finance world for years, JR's a fresh online-only concern peddling luxe button downs inspired by "American cool and charisma" a la Cary Grant, who fit none of that description when he was born in England as Archibald Leach. Distinguished by their trim yet comfy cut, each shirt boasts higher armholes for a fitted appearance in the chest; a "modified spread" collar that can accommodate a variety of tie widths & knot styles, but won't flare when unbuttoned (thanks to shorter points); a shrink-resistant inner lining; and a shorter "scalloped" tail -- appropriate, as the tail it will reveal certainly isn't musseled. They're launching with nine distinct models, including highlights like the pink-and-blue micro-check Charles, with one-button mitered barrel cuffs; a vertical white-&-pink-striped number made with extra-fine cotton from renowned English mill Thomas Mason; and an Italian cotton number in broad blue and white stripes with French-style white collar & cuffs for their "most formal expression" (though if it's anything like their approach to WWI, it's still probably pretty casual)

JR's also got a "Sport" series, featuring more casual patterns like plaid and gingham -- prewashed for extra softness -- that "dress up as easily as they dress down", kind of like a sartorial Transformer. God, Shia Labeouf sucks.



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