Sometimes, you stumble across something so horribly shocking, you simply can't bear to look away, like the twisted steel and billowing smoke of a multi-car pile-up, or Brian Peppers. Or, evidence of exactly how badly your employer is hosing you, courtesy of Jobnob.

Just launched out of SF, Jobnob's a massive repository of 400,000 actual people's salaries (w/ another 4mil on the way), made depressingly easy to browse, and populated with accurate data reported by thousands of companies in hundreds of industries, all using a shadowy combination of "legal" methods they don't dare discuss. To see what's up, punch in your job title, and up'll pop a list of companies (sortable by $high/$low/alphabet) beside a graph displaying how their remunerations for your job stack up; from there, click a particular company to see a breakdown of all its positions/salaries, just to be sure you still out-earn a Wienerschnitzle's Deputy French Fryer -- oh man, you don't. To get more specific, filter by city; all the while, 'nob uses your search terms to display applicable job openings (through an affiliate site for listings) in your area in a right-of-screen panel, ironically directly beneath the very Milf Boat tab that's about to get you canned.

'Nob's also taken to throwing mixers for startups and work-seeking peeps, where the companies in attendance buy drinks for the jobless, providing yet another thing you can't bear to tear yourself away from: free booze.