People with specialized skills are always in demand: when your toilet breaks you call a plumber, suit alterations require a tailor, and when you need career advice, you ask Screech, then do exactly the opposite. Letting you peddle your own unique skills for cash, Jobpic.

Basically an eBay for people who'd rather sell themselves than POGS, JP lets anyone with a skill or talent auction off blocks of their time/services to the highest bidder, or the guy who accidentally rubbed the ear on his Frodo Baggins avatar. To peddle yourself, create a profile with specs (location, skills, specialties, education, work experience, preferred payment method, etc) and click "Create Auction" to fill out deets (i.e., category, when you're available, minimum bid, auction length, etc) and whether it's open to all or location-specific, because you can pay anyone to help you translate something to Sanskrit via email, but Eunice'll have to hit your place for mahjong lessons until the house arrest's over. When your auction's complete and won by someone, JP'll send an email to both you and the victorious bidder, and hit them with a service agreement form outlining the transaction deets; once you've connected with the winner and completed the service, they have 48 hours to pay you, with $2 plus 2% of the winning bid going back to JP, and after years of searching for just the right one, congratulations, you finally have a pimp.

If bidders want your service bad enough, they can pay a "Book Me Now" price you establish when creating the auction and skip out on waiting for its end, because if you've learned anything from Dustin Diamond, it's that sometimes, you peak early.