KZO Spring/Summer Collection

Music video directors tend to end up in film: Spike Jonze's Beasties work nabbed him Being John Malkovich, and McG's Smash Mouth/Sugar Ray vid paved the way for him to produce Stay Alive, which made many critics wish he didn't. For one who said screw that racket, I'm making clothes: the guy behind KZO

From a dude who used to pay the bills directing vids for US and Japanese-based record labels, KZO's Spring/Summer drop's a well-rounded stock of man-sheathings he calls "Into the Blue, Out of the Black", which is either a reference to the Neil Young song, or how the Smurfs helped pull him through some dark times. The goods start warm with the Utica fleece zip-up hoodie in charcoal or grey, the Arc 3-button linen blazer, and the Highland, a tribal-patterned slim-cut fleece blazer with a cool diagonal zippered chest pocket; there're also a few leggy pieces, like the linen Deluxe Trousers that cut off around mid-calf, and the sweatpant-esque drawstring'd "Solo", although there's still debate over whether he or Greedo drawstring'd first. Thinner garb includes a 100% cotton long-sleeve buttondown in checkered green/yellow/blue or red/blue/black called Squires, a handful of short-sleeve buttondowns like the Weld in solid grey or light blue and the horizontally-striped Thrasher, plus tees like the slim-fit cotton/poly Custom, which they'll make exactly as you like, as long as you like either black or black/grey

If you're convinced it'll actually be warm enough to wear them sometime soon, KZO's even got a couple pairs of drawstring-waist, striped corduroy shorts -- a little different than what you're used to, but as everyone knows, only shooting staaaars break the mo-old.