La Merde

When a man declares himself a t-shirt guy, he's making a bold statement about his preference for the casual and unpretentious, but when the air cools, he makes an even bolder statement, with his preference for giant, hardened freak-nipples. For jackets befitting the tees they'll cover, La Merde.

From the Portland, OR crew behind the amusing graphic tee line No Star, Merde applies traditional suiting materials to contemporary jacket styles, a high/low fusion also evident in their name, chosen cause they "wanted something that sounded fancy, but isn't" merde. The tailored, slim-cut spring collection kicks off with two light blue seersucker numbers: the flat front, pop collar'd zip-up "Sea Breeze", and the hooded "Cape Cod", featuring white cuffs and waist, and a lime green hood drawstring modeled after a bow tie, allowing the Kennedys to flip seamlessly between their two favorite activities: getting drunk on the beach, and getting drunk on the beach wearing bow ties. Less WASPy attire includes the "Side Car", an M-65 style four-pocketed button-up in black twill and rocking a black gingham lining; the "Professor Booty", a lightweight herringbone hoodie w/ green plaid lining and suede elbow patches; and a purple blazer made of sateen, a cotton fabric imbued with the sheen of satin, but not the price, a textile that would've made the Blues much less Moody.

Because the best way to brace against the cool night breeze is booze, each jacket also features a custom interior flask pocket -- boldly declaring yourself a flask man by designating a place to hide it.