LACOSTE Challenge

The recent US Open championship match reminded some viewers of the possibilities for human ambition; sadly, it reminded others that their current cologne smelled like a dude who'd just spent four hours pounding hard court. Step up to a winning fragrance, with LACOSTE Challenge. Packaged in a flacon shaped like the handle of a tennis racket, Challenge's nuanced aromatics capture the essence of a man who's confident enough to be playful, but not so confident that he'd walk around town in a cut-off t-shirt and a sensual man-perm. Based in deep wood notes, the rest of the scent breaks down like so: Top Note: "The Serve" Tangerine and Lemon, evoking Speed and Energy, but not the song "Pure Energy", because that'd eventually send you screaming to the shower. Heart Note: "The Volley" Ginger, for Impact and Vitality, a quality that during the NCAA Tournament should be renamed Dick Vitale-ity. Base Note: "The Baseline" Teak and Ebony, for Depth and Power. For Timeless Harmony, add Ivory. To take the Challenge, simply request a sample at, and no longer will people react to your presence by saying "What the deuce is that smell?"