LACOSTE Footwear Honors The Steel Racquet

Sports cannot thrive without innovation -- for instance, without modern helmet technology, football would be life-endangering, or worse, rugby. Honoring one of tennis' classic innovations, the LACOSTE Footwear SR capsule collection.

This quartet of athletically luxe sneaker styles pays homage to the first steel racquet: invented by René Lacoste in 1963, favored by the likes of Jimmy Connors and Billie Jean King, and winner of 46 Grand Slam titles between 1966 and 1978, no thanks to those constrictive shorts. The collection starts with the René Lacoste SR, first designed the same year as the racket whose image it conjures, and featuring metallic mesh uppers with brown leather detailing mimicking the racquet's handle -- just don't let that 6'9" guy grab you by the ankles for practice strokes, because to him, you're racquet-sized. Incorporating evocative materials like the above, as well as matte and mirrored metallic steel leather, the rest of the SR line encompasses the Broadwick, M85 Mid, and Europa, not to be confused with The Europe, which headed to Venus immediately after the final countdown. The entire Footwear collection can be found at, using an innovation without which most men past high school couldn't participate in sports at all: the internet.